◊ Are lash extensions bad for my eyelashes?

Lash extensions, when applied correctly and expertly, will not damage your natural lashes. This is because only a minimal amount of glue is applied to your eyelash so as not to limit its natural growth.


♦ Are lash extensions noticeable to wear?

Your lashes won’t “feel” any different but they will look different – amazingly long and luscious!


◊ Will my lash extensions come off when I wet them?

No, within 8 hours of your lash extension application you can swim and shower safely. Lash extensions are permanent or at least for as long as the normal life of each of your eyelashes. Your extensions will grow out and fall off with your natural lash cycle. They can also be removed if you decide you no longer wish to have extensions or have a break.


♦ Will my lash extensions look fake?

When correctly and expertly applied, it will be impossible to tell that your new long, luscious lashes aren’t your own as they look completely natural.


◊ What are some of the benefits of lash extensions?

Lash extensions are completely and totally addictive. That’s because you will look glamorous from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed and eliminate your need to apply eyeliner or mascara. Even sans make-up, you will still look super glam!


♦ Are lash extensions high maintenance?

Lash extensions are super easy to take care of and maintain. You will need to use oil free products if they will come into contact with your lashes but just like your brows, a quick brush after showering will keep them looking great.